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The first question you may be asking yourself is what is InterGroup Services and what role do they play in my healthcare benefits?


The answer to that is pretty simple.  InterGroup Services is a PPO network and our role is to create a network of healthcare providers that you can access so that you can save money on your healthcare costs.  A hallmark of InterGroup Services PPO network is freedom of choice.  Your participation is strictly voluntary, and InterGroup Services neither dictates nor restricts your selection of a doctor, provider or hospital.  You choose for yourself, but benefit from lower out of pocket expenses when you utilize a provider within InterGroup Services PPO network.


It is important to note that InterGroup is not an insurance carrier, TPA or payer of any kind.  We are not responsible for payment of claims, benefits design or benefit decisions.  InterGroup works in conjunction with your employer, insurance carrier or TPA to reduce the healthcare cost though use of InterGroup contracted providers.


There are several things you can do to get the most out of your healthcare benefits.


  • LEARN about your healthcare benefits before you need them.
  • READ your benefits booklet that was supplied to you by your employer or insurance carrier.  It contains important information that you need to know when you utilize healthcare services from any provider.
  • ASK QUESTIONS about your benefits if you are uncertain.  Find out what your financial responsibilities are, what services are covered and not covered.  This information is obtained by calling your employer, insurance carrier or TPA and that contact information will be available from your benefit booklet or id card.
  • COMMUNICATE with your healthcare provider.  Let them know that your benefit plan utilizes the InterGroup Services PPO network and that their participation in the network will allow you to maximize your benefits.
  • LOCATE contracted InterGroup Services providers.  You can do this by either calling our customer service department at 800-537-9389 or utilize our online provider directory.


If you determine that the provider you currently utilize is not contracted with InterGroup Services' PPO network, InterGroup Services will work with you to try and add that provider to the PPO network.   You can do this by calling our customer services department at 800-537-9389 or by sending us a message from our contact us page.


Finally, although InterGroup Services is not responsible for any claim or benefits payments nor do we design or administer your benefit plan, we understand that the you may be confused or have questions and don't know where to start.  Our customer service team is available at 800-537-9389 to help you get the answers you need.  If you need a starting point, we are happy to be there for you.



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